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About the Legends Mastermind | The Legends


  1. We take the collective wisdom of 100 of the best and brightest companies from all aspects of online and offline businesses, and apply that combined brilliance to crush your obstacles and surpass your challenges. The best part? You have access to this amazing network any time you need it.
  2. We are THE ONLY fraternal mastermind program in existence that brings together the most elite players from the online and offline industries. In fact, this world-class collective of industry titans is the most exclusive group in the marketplace today. You’ve seen the rest, now join the best.
  3. We build more than businesses; we build legacies. With a collective of keen experience and a desire for excellence, we assist one another in meeting and exceeding our personal goals.  This provides the relationships necessary for a stable and profitable future for our respective projects and pursuits for decades to come.
  4. This mastermind program gives our members the knowledge, support, and wisdom necessary to outshine and outcompete the competition in each of our respective fields. This unique perspective brings rocksteady stability and profitability to our business pursuits.
  5. Together we enable each other to reach common goals to succeed in every aspect of our lives.


If you don’t spend time continuing to educate yourself about yourself, you’re going to lead a pretty damn miserable life.” ~ Nate Lind

Who are you? The importance of self-understanding is about more than just knowing your likes and dislikes in life; it’s an exercise in investing in yourself and taking the time to discover your purpose and what drives you at your core. Learning yourself is about being mindful, it’s about self-improvement; if you don’t spend time learning about who you are and continuing to educate yourself about yourself, you’ll unknowingly be self sabotaging your own life. We will review the importance of Self-Reflection, how to Be Present, and helping yourself so you can help others.


[In regards] to human health … exercising aggressively is a really key component to us being happy.” ~ Nate Lind

Your body is a temple. And no temple can stand the test of time if it’s not built well and properly cared for. Self-love and self-respect take many forms, but most people focus on the internal and ethereal expressions of valuing oneself; positive self-talk, belief in oneself, acceptance of one’s strengths and weaknesses. But just as important are the external actions we take to treat ourselves properly and care for our own well-being. Exercising aggressively is the truest physical manifestation of our inner health and spiritual balance. And it’s all about understanding the internal and external benefits, strengthening ourselves, and training for the adventures life has in store. We will illuminate the balance of internal and external, getting stronger, and the vehicle for adventure.


One of the most powerful resources available is a great group of guys that you can do activities with and support each other in all facets of your life.” ~ Nate Lind

The idea of the lone wolf is an idea glorified by Hollywood, like the image of John Wayne riding off into the sunset after he saves a village on his own. The reality is that in nature, the lone wolf perishes and the pack survives. There are countless good reasons to Grow Tribes and surround yourself with other men to create a men’s activity group, or simply find other men that you can enjoy activities with. Men don’t do particularly well sitting in circles, knee to knee, and sharing their feelings – Rather, it comes much more naturally when you’re doing something fun, doing something exciting, and you begin to build relationships with the men around you. From time to time, you extend the olive branch and share something that is important to you, or perhaps you ask for a favor, for help or instruction. The point is, when it’s all based around activity, it becomes a really powerful way to bond with other men, and men do exceedingly well when they’re put in the right environment, and allowed to see that opportunity to arise. It all comes down to activity, sharing, and bonding. We will show the importance of your tribe, how to get active, and how sharing creates bonds.


Expressing your passion is about finding what the hell lights you up. What really excites you?” ~ Nate Lind

As it stands nowadays, a lot of us are conditioned to do the same thing in the same way with the same results. Go to school, go to college, get a good job, buy a nice car, buy a nice house, get married, have kids. We’re taught to exist like robots but there is not a lot of room for passion in that. Then one day, you wake up and you’re 40 years old with two kids that maybe you’re not the best dad to. You yell at them or you don’t spend as much time with them as you should. You’ve got a wife who you’re kind of distant from. You’ve got a job that you don’t really care for very much. And suddenly it hits you; You’re just going through the motions, just barely surviving and just barely living. How do we break this cycle? By expressing passion, defying our conditioning, and discovering what fires you up and excites you. We will show how to defy the status quo and express your passion, along with how to forge your fire.


Life is dirty. It’s not going to happen the way that you expect, but you know what? It’s also beautiful, and you find out that once you get started in your journey, that you may find a path that you didn’t even know existed. [And] that path is way more exciting and is way more fulfilling than the initial path that you thought that you were going to take.” ~ Nate Lind

We’ve all heard the saying “Fake it ’til you make it.” There’s a good reason that it has stood the test of time – It’s really accurate. If you have the opportunity to be definitive and to be decisive and be confident, that gives you a tremendous opportunity over your peers. Most people aren’t confident about what they’re doing. Most people don’t have an idea about being decisive. Most people don’t stand out in that way, and there’s so much to benefit from by navigating confidently. You don’t necessarily have to have it all figured out, you just need to train your brain to navigate confidently and make your default setting “Self-assured.” And it all comes down to consistently training yourself to be confident, and letting go of some of the pushback we tend to give to life. We will review the science of self-training and how to develop your navigational flow.


When [you’re] going through misery or turmoil, this is an opportunity for you to embrace that pain. Don’t sit there and suffer; recognize it, move through it, and then climb out of it.” ~ Nate Lind

Limitations are a fact of life. But confronting and breaking through them is what allows us to elevate ourselves to a higher level. There are limitations that are inside of you, and limitations that exist outside of you. It takes a tremendous amount of learning yourself and being mindful and conscious of yourself to begin the process of destroying limitations, but the easiest way to start is to look around your environment and take an assessment. Where does pessimism exist that’s holding you back? What does your situation look like with your friends? Are you constantly going out and getting hammered? Are you doing things that keep you from your explosive growth and your opportunity? If that’s the case, then start to politely decline going on those sorts of binge situations or engaging in those type of scenarios. In order to crush your limitations and evolve beyond them, you need to examine your circle of friends, confront your limiting behaviors, and embracing the growing pains. We will illuminate the Circle of Five, how you confront yourself and lean into the pain.


Share yourself with those around you, something important to you. Your time, a gift of money or a token of importance, an act of service, words of admiration or encouragement. Giving without asking for anything in return. The act of sharing is hugely powerful and you’ll get a tremendous sense of satisfaction from doing it.” ~ Nate Lind

It is better to give than to receive. We’ve all heard this adage, and we may even scoff at it. But there is truth in it that we must embrace as we travel this journey of the Legends Mastermind. Why? Because it is our duty to better our communities and everyone in them. To share our wealth of knowledge and self-understanding with others who may not be as far along on their own personal journey as we are on ours. Sharing treasure means that the world around you becomes richer and happier. And that means a more fulfilling and happy life for everyone involved. So don’t be a miser; share your treasure. The easiest way to do that is through honesty and truth, and allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable. We will show how to share your truths and the safest way to be open and vulnerable.