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Destroy Limitations | The Legends

Destroy Limitations


When [you’re] going through misery or turmoil, this is an opportunity for you to embrace that pain. Don’t sit there and suffer; recognize it, move through it, and then climb out of it.” ~ Nate Lind

Limitations are a fact of life. But confronting and breaking through them is what allows us to elevate ourselves to a higher level. There are limitations that are inside of you, and limitations that exist outside of you. It takes a tremendous amount of learning yourself and being mindful and conscious of yourself to begin the process of destroying limitations, but the easiest way to start is to look around your environment and take an assessment. Where does pessimism exist that’s holding you back? What does your situation look like with your friends? Are you constantly going out and getting hammered? Are you doing things that keep you from your explosive growth and your opportunity? If that’s the case, then start to politely decline going on those sorts of binge situations or engaging in those type of scenarios. In order to crush your limitations and evolve beyond them, you need to examine your circle of friends, confront your limiting behaviors, and embracing the growing pains. We will illuminate the Circle of Five, how you confront yourself and lean into the pain.